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 You are unique! And so are your musical goals and needs.

At the Piano Sensei studio, we will create a customized lesson program that will ensure maximum results at a pace that works for you!

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At the Piano Sensei Studio, You Will:


Have Custom-Designed Lessons


Focus on Your Goals


Learn Secrets to Practicing


Develop Lifetime Skills


Discover Your Inner Musician


Thrive in an Encouraging Environment


We offer piano lessons to any student age 5 through retired adults


  • receive a solid foundation
  • play with a strong sense of rhythm
  • learn how to practice

Intermediate and Advanced Students

  • gain the skills to be able to play more impressive pieces
  • become self-sufficient learners


  • always wanted to learn to play?
  • wish you hadn’t given up?
  • we can help you, too!

What people are saying about Piano Sensei

We have a unique and exciting advancement program:

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Amanda Maley Ohlenkamp
Amanda Maley O.
19:01 11 Jul 19
Piano Sensei has been a wonderful environment. My child started at 5 and he was reading the music shortly after. The owner, Clinton, is very responsive and Dai goes out of her way to help the younger children learn in whichever way they best respond to. We've been extremely happy here and can't wait to start our younger child at Piano Sensei when he is 5.read more
Taylor Gillings
Taylor G.
20:28 15 Jan 19
I have been taking lessons through Piano Sensei for close to a year. As an adult who had never taken a piano lesson before, I feel like I lucked out! From my first lesson, Adam Mayon has been nothing but helpful and encouraging. He is very attentive and great at explaining things on a level I understand. He has helped me attain a level of playing I did not know I was capable of in the short time I have taken lessons! Clinton is also a true professional in how he runs his studio. Scheduling and billing have been a breeze! I would highly recommend these guys!read more
lettie rose
lettie R.
11:53 14 Jan 19
My son has been taking lessons since August 2018 Clinton was very welcoming and patient. Daniel and Dai are great instructors! Dai has even got my normally shy son comfortable enough to play in public at the winter musicale! I highly recommend Piano Sensei to anyone who has ever wanted to learn to play.read more
Timmy Sieverding
Timmy S.
19:32 13 Jan 19
My parents started giving me piano lesson when I was really young. However at the time I never truly liked what I was doing and never really practiced for more than 30 minutes before the start of class. While I've always liked the piano itself, I never liked the lessons that I was receiving (going through a conventional lesson book, while effective, was never really for me. Then again I didn't really try it). When I got into high school I eventually begged my mom to let me quit all together, which I did for three years. Oddly enough, I started missing the instrument more and more and after having watched a TV show where the main character was a piano prodigy I decided that I wanted to be able to play like him and reversely begged my mom if I could start lessons again my senior year. This being said, I knew that I didn't want to go back to the way I was learning before, and so I asked one of my, now choir teacher, friends if she knew anyone "cool." Turns out she did. Now, a year and a half later, I am still at Piano Sensei and I love every minute of it. While I could certainly still practice more (you always can) it never feels like a chore and my teacher, Sensei Pratt, finds a perfect balance between helping me learn the necessities (scale, rhythm, etc.) but then also letting me learn songs that I am really excited about and look forward to. While I don't think I'll ever be able to play quite like the fictional piano prodigy that inspired me, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop playing either. In that regard, I am very thankful for everything this place has done for me so far and who knows maybe one day I'll be able to play Liebestraum too. [I know this was very long, but I hope it helps.]read more
Alexander Spivak
Alexander S.
11:44 13 Jan 19
Piano Sensei has been a wonderful place to learn piano since I started about five months ago. The owner, Clinton, and my piano instructor, Daniel, have both been really great and patient with me learning this for the first time. I would highly recommend this place for anyone wanting to pick up piano for the first time or if you are coming back to it after many years .read more
L Messerly
L M.
23:37 07 Aug 18
Mr. Pratt's teaching style is innovative and organized. He is positive and energetic. We appreciate the variety of playing opportunities the Piano Sensei's studio provides that inspire and challenge our son to continue to practice and excel. We expecially look forward to the "Music Alive!" recital in September that incorporates technology, digital imagery and movement with the music- an amazing experience!read more
Joanne Perry
Joanne P.
20:51 18 Apr 18
Clinton is an amazing instructor. He understands how to teach fundamentals of piano while at the same time making it FUN, engaging, and challenging. His program of study has significantly helped my son's self esteem - to where he sees a piano and just sits down to play - because he loves it! The way Clinton has encouraged the students to use mixed media in his Music Alive! program is just so cool. The students thrive and grow and love tackling challenges. These are all skills we want our kids to have when they are adults, right? And, Clinton has found a way to help that growth happen through the piano. We couldn't be more thrilled with the progress our son has made with Clinton as his instructor.read more
Thuy Cox
Thuy C.
02:09 04 Apr 18
I'm very thankful that we found this studio. The teachers here are incredible. When we first moved to Ohio, I went through 2 other places before finding this place for my son to continue his piano lessons. The sensei here are truly masters of their instrument (piano). My son and I are so impress with the quality of their teaching and their deep understanding and love of music. My son has been taking lesson here for about 6 months now. Not only has his technical skill improved, but also started to play because he wanted to now 🙂 Thank you Clinton!!! It's so wonderful and inspiring to see people love what they do and are so good at it.read more
Holly Leach
Holly L.
11:09 03 Apr 18
My daughter has been studying piano with Clinton for over 7 years now, and we couldn't be happier! Clinton's approach is creative, engaging, and develops the whole musician. Opportunities are available for recitals and festivals as well as the annual Music Alive! mixed media recital. Communication is great, and electronic billing is a plus as well. Highly recommend!read more
Christine Cheung
Christine C.
14:47 17 Mar 18
I have known Clinton for 6+ years and he has been an exemplary piano teacher for both of my sons. My kids really respond well to his teaching style and calm demeanor, and as a parent, I appreciate his expertise and knowledge as well as his attention to organization and communication. It is evident to me that Clinton really cares about his students and loves what he does, as shown in the immense effort he puts into showcasing his students at his amazing, multi-media Music Alive! show every September. As for the new studio on Eastern, it is in a convenient location with ample parking. Clinton has made the space a welcoming place for me to hang out and enjoy a cup of tea during lessons. Praises all around for the Piano Sensei!read more
Cindy Westermann
Cindy W.
13:30 16 May 17
Our son has been taking lessons with Clinton for 6 years and could not be happier! Clinton is an amazing instructor and very talented. His laid back approach has really resonated with our son. He's great with all ages. His love for his profession shines through in all interactions. He has my highest recommendation!read more
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