Summer Piano Camp

Looking for a fun musical learning experience for your child?

Sign up for an exciting and unique summer piano camp and Cincinnati’s Piano Sensei Studio!

Unique experience

High quality music education AND it’s fun!

Comprehensive Program with a different topic each day:

– Music History & Composers

– Improvisation & Rhythm Games

– Music Theory

– Practice Sessions/Masterclass

– Movie Music

Camp dates

June 17-21

June 24-28

July 8-12

August 5-9

August 12-16

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$199 Early Bird

(sign up by May 15)



> 6 months experience 

(will be grouped strategically)


Piano Sensei

4785 Eastern Ave.

Cincinnati OH 45226

Daily Topics

Each day will be a different topic. 5 days, 5 topics!

Scroll down to explore . . . 

Music History & Composers

Listen to pieces from different time periods, learn about composers, gain an understanding and appreciation for many styles of music.

Improvisation & Rhythm Games

Play music instantly in multiple styles and moods including Jazzy, calm, Rock, Medieval, and more!

Fun rhythm activities and group games heighten musical awareness. 

Music Theory

It sounds boring and academic, but music theory is all about how music is created and structured. Understanding it helps with your own playing and creativity

Practice Sessions & Masterclass

Learn tips and tricks to practice more efficiently. Share ideas with other students, and help each other improve!

Movie Music

How do film composers create music for movies? Study different techniques from real Hollywood movies and create your own film music, too!


Your instructors are experienced and skilled. I could tell you about all our degrees, certifications, and other credentials, but what you really want to know is that your child’s musical experience and growth is our primary focus.

We are devoted 100% to their success in being able to play and love music!

We absolutely love working with students in groups. Not only do they have lots of fun, but they also get a boost of knowledge and skills due to the interactive learning environment.