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Music Alive! is an exciting multimedia experience that my students put together each year. It combines music with videos, slideshows, graphics, lights, movement, acting, and more! Scroll down to see some examples. . .
Music Alive! is an exciting multimedia experience that my students put together each year. It combines music with videos, slideshows, graphics, lights, movement, acting, and more! Scroll down to see some examples. . .
Diana: Douglas Firs by Stephen Chatman Photo slideshow that depicts the magnificent beauty of the trees that the music provides. Originally this was my adult student Diana’s project. She played it at our concert while these images were on the screen. But I lost the recording of that. I recreated it and recorded it myself and then synced it with the photos.
Ananya: Floating by Christopher Norton Scenic flyover footage combined with Ananya’s performance
Jonathan: Fugue in F minor by JS Bach Magic Music Visualizer used to create individual representations of all 3 voice of the Fugue. Each voice part recorded with a different instrument sound using Garageband.
Philip: Morse Code by Glen Barkam Live performance of Philip playing the piece while 2 people controlled LED light boards to sync with the music
Cody: Gigue in B flat by JS Bach Slideshow images created to sync exactly with the music, portraying the different qualities of the music in the facial expressions
Noah: Toccata in F minor by Robert Vandall Video clips of busy cities and train stations in Japan, with a time lapse of the sun traversing the sky during the middle section of the piece. This was Noah’s project in which he played it on stage while we all watched the screen. But I don’t have that recording so I recorded it myself and put it together for you to see.
Adam: Etude in C sharp minor by Heller Adam created his own visuals to synchronize with the music. He recorded himself on his piano and then combined it all together.
Ella: Itasca Sunrise by Melody Bober Various video clips combined with Ella’s performance of the piece
Ian: Presto by Pescetti Time lapse footage of Cincinnati synced with a recording of his performance
Noah: Original Composition (untitled) Noah took a video of himself solving a Rubik’s Cube. He then composed music to coordinate with each move of solving the puzzle. He recorded the music using Garageband and then combined it all together.
Jason: Super Mario Theme Jason took a screen recording of himself playing the game. This was projected on the screen at the concert while he played the piece, carefully watching to match the game perfectly.
Nolan: Monkeys in the Tree by Boris Berlin Nolan chose clips from “Jungle of the Red Spirit” documentary for this piece. He actually changed the middle section of the music to be slower and lower in order to match the Rhino in the video and to contrast with the fast playful monkeys. He played this live during the concert while the video was on the screen.
Kristof: Sonata op. 31 no. 2 by Beethoven

TJ:  Rhythm Machine by Kevin Olson

Cameron: Waves of Fury by Melody Bober

These people played their pieces while the G-Force visualizer was on the screen, reacting to the audio produced by the piano in real time

Matthew: Soundtrack Improvisation Matthew played a live improvisation to this Tom & Jerry cartoon, giving the audience a soundtrack!
Joseph: The Cat & Mouse by Copland Joseph played the piece on stage while 2 people acted out the scene on stage!
Photos of some others . . . We changed the ambient lighting to match the visuals of each performance
What others are saying about Music Alive . . .
I thought that the Music Alive! concert was a great way to change up the typical concert/recital routine. I got to spend more time exploring the colors and textures of the music and then visually demonstrate even more of my interpretation in my performance. It was a ton of fun, and my whole family commented on how much they enjoyed it. Joel

Student, 17 years old

One of the things that I liked most was the individual creativity. It was so wonderful to see these kids of all ages coming up with their own music, interpretation, and ideas. The multimedia format was great at expressing what was in their heads and how they wanted to convey that to others. That is what makes music interesting and keeps the kids engaged. My kids had fun and so did my family that came. Katie

parent, 2 students

As someone who does not enjoy performing in front of an audience, the addition of the visual component provided a distraction for me. I think I was still nervous, but at least I felt like all eyes were not on me! Diana

Adult, student

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