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Music Enrichment Classes

Now being offered at the Piano Sensei Studio!

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Piano Sensei studio offers quality instruction to students of all ages and skill levels.


Music Theory

How does music work? How is it put together? From notation and key signatures to composing a piece, this is the foundation of musical organization.


Ear Training

Learn to identify intervals, chords, rhythms and more, simply by hearing it!

Music History

Discover great composers of the past, and learn how to ACTIVELY listen and focus on the complex layers of the music.


Play fun music instantly! Learn simple patterns that you can use to create your own ideas.


Take turns playing for each other, giving and receiving valuable feedback in a supportive environment.

Ensemble Playing

Unlike private lessons, students are able to make music with each other in duets and ensembles!

Working on rhythms and meters . . .

Writing a melody by ear . . .

No sheet music! Improvising together!

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60-minute classes, offered on Saturdays

Students will be grouped according to age and previous music experience/skill level

Who is it for? Any piano student age 6-18 regardless of skill level

Time: Class times will be determined by your preferences in the enrollment form.

Price: $25/class, $200 total

Discount: Current Piano Sensei students pay a discounted rate of $20/class, $160 total.

Attendance: There will be 9 scheduled classes, but you will only be charged for 8 classes to account for possible schedule conflicts. If you attend all of them, you essentially get one free!

Next Session:

Begins Saturday January 13, 2018

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Exciting and engaging group rhythm activity!

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