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Zhang Sensei

Zhang Sensei

I have been playing piano for almost 25 years and have been teaching piano seriously for around six years. I was very blessed to have been given opportunities from selfless piano teachers who instilled in me the value of hard work, and more importantly, musical enjoyment.


I have a double degree in piano and business management and have found that the two complement each other very nicely. During my college years, I also became interested in physical and mental wellness for pianists, participating in an Alexander Technique “Art of Freedom” class for two years.  This helped me understand how musicians overcome performance anxiety.


Further study at the Golandsky Institute Summer Festival at Princeton University allowed me to understand how pianists overcome injury and retrain their technique to wellness.


A strong passion of mine is bringing music to the underprivileged. I organized music and dance outreach events for disadvantaged kids and gave voluntary lessons to low-income youth and teenagers. Besides playing and teaching piano, I enjoy playing strings, singing, and learning about teaching children with special developmental needs.

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"Vivo" from Grande Etudes de Paganini, S. 141

by Franz Liszt

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