10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Cost of Piano Lessons
May 1, 2019

Here at Piano Sensei, your tuition pays for a lot more than just your weekly scheduled lesson time. Below are 10 things besides your exclusive lesson time that your tuition pays for.

1. Planning & Preparation

As instructors, we spend time planning your lessons and your program. We even do research browsing music and books to see what would be perfect just for you! We do everything we can to make your lesson time productive and fun.


2. Materials

Unlike other studios, we never invoice you for any materials. Books, music, folders, references, and even our awesome Piano Sensei tote bags are all included!


3. Recitals & Events

You never have to pay extra for performances or other events. We handle paying for renting venues, printing programs, hiring a professional photographer, etc. Take a look at some of the amazing places our students play:

Recital Hall photo for Piano Sensei recitals

music alive stage


4. BenchMark Program

This unique feature is only available at Piano Sensei. We spent a lot of time and energy creating and planning this achievement program. It also includes beautiful medals and other awards that students receive as they advance through the program. 



5. Expenses

Here are just some of the things the studio has to pay for in order to maintain a high quality environment for you:

  • rent
  • insurance
  • instruments
  • instrument maintenance
  • office supplies
  • high-speed internet
  • coffee/tea/spring water (it’s the little things in life! 😜)

6. Quality Instructors

Entry-level teachers would cost less. But here at Piano Sensei, we want only the best experienced instructors who are not only knowledgable, but are also fun, friendly, and can adapt to a variety of learning styles. 


7. Professional Development

Your instructors at Piano Sensei are lifelong students as well! Some of the days the studio is closed are during professional conferences so your instructors can hone up their skills, learn the newest research on music education, and find out the most exciting new music being composed for you! So even though you have no lessons on certain days, you still benefit because your instructors are continually improving and learning how to serve you better!

In addition, there are costs for certifications, memberships, professional journals, and other enhancements for instructors. 


8. TeacherZone

We use an amazing learning management program here at Piano Sensei called Teacher Zone. We use it for practice assignments, scheduling, billing, and more. 


9. An Exciting Experience

At Piano Sensei, you aren’t just getting weekly lessons. You are part of a thriving group of musicians. We have periodic group classes where students share and encourage one another. Students get to interact not only with each other, but with different instructors as well. We are a community, we are a family. Our instructors are dedicated to your success and passionate about music learning!


10. Benefits Beyond Music

There are numerous studies showing the amazing benefits of studying music. See the infographic below for just some of them:





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