Private Lesson Pricing

Tuition is an all-inclusive annual fee that includes:

Regularly scheduled private lessons

Group classes in the summer

Recitals (January, May, and September)

All books and lesson materials needed

$1080/year     or      $90/month

Typically for young beginners, 30 minutes is enough time to cover everything without it being too long for their attention span.

$1620/year     or      $135/month

Ideal for most students, 45 minutes allows for a more thorough lesson. There is more time to focus on details and cover more material.

$2160/year     or      $180/month

60-minute lessons are suited for more advanced students or anyone wanting to maximize their instruction time.

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Trial Lesson $30

Not ready to commit? Sign up for a trial lesson. After the trial lesson, if you decide to enroll, the amount you paid will be applied to your first tuition payment, making the trial lesson essentially free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your attendance and cancellation policy?

Regular attendance is expected and encouraged in order to gain maximum benefit from music instruction. Missed lessons are inevitable and, therefore, have been taken into account in the overall cost of tuition. Tuition remains consistent regardless of the number of lessons attended.

Students who are late for their lesson will only be given the remainder of their time. Please be on time for your own benefit.

Please also note that instructor may cancel lessons from time to time for various reasons including (but not limited to) personal illness, inclement weather, and professional travel. Although planning and scheduling is done ahead of time (see calendar), an exact number of lessons for each year cannot be guaranteed. As stated above, the inevitability of missed lessons on the part of the student or the teacher have already been considered in the formulation of the annual tuition.

Why does tuition remain the same when some months have fewer lessons?

Your tuition is not based on the number of lessons in a month. It is based on an entire year’s worth of piano instruction and includes many things. Monthly payments are just that: a monthly payment of a full year’s enrollment.

What does my tuition pay for?

As mentioned above, it includes lessons, summer group classes, all recitals, and all books and materials.

Your tuition reserves your exclusive one-on-one time spent with the instructor. But there is more to it than just those few minutes each week. Consider these things:

Time spent preparing for lessons (trips to music store, ordering music, bookkeeping, curriculum planning)

Past training and experience

Professional development and certifications (your instructor has to pay for attending conferences and workshops, purchasing books and other reference materials, maintaining certifications, and more)

Professional organization memberships. These are vital to any successful music instructor, but they cost money as well.

Studio expenses (rent, utilities, insurance, office supplies, and instrument tuning, repairs and upkeep)

Do we have to participate in recitals?

The short answer is: no. However, most people enjoy sharing music with others. What’s the fun if no one else sees or hears you play? We typically have 2 regular recitals each year as well as Music Alive! – the multimedia concert. In addition, there are plenty of other opportunities in the Cincinnati area. I encourage everyone to play as much as they can so they can share their music!

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